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Fixit Computers Services provides troubleshooting & Repairs of your computer systems at your home, focusing on fast & affordable solutions for all your computer issues.

No need to unplug all your cables and accessories then cart your computer into your car, then drive across town.

We come to you and fix your computer related issues at Your Home.  Let us take the hassle out of your day, letting you relax at home, while our technician fixes your computer quickly and easily.

If we need to take it back to the workshop then we will, our focus remains on fixing your system at your home, but is some cases we may need to. Don’t worry we will bring it back also!


We provide a full range of IT Support for Home User

Home Repair - IT Support Services

  • Make your desktop or laptop computer work faster

  • Fix Windows related issues – Crashing, Errors, Slow, Not Loading

  • Remove Viruses, Malware & Spyware

  • NBN Setup and Troubleshooting

  • Laptop Hard Drives, SSD’s, RAM Upgrades

  • Desktop Hardware Repairs & Upgrades

  • WiFi, Broadband Cable & ADSL,NBN

  • Setup & configuration of Smart TV’s

Home Trouble Shooting Services

  • Boosting WiFi Signal around your home

  • Email Setup & Troubleshooting

  • Internet Security & Protection

  • Printer Setup & Help with the functions

  • Recover lost data from Hard Drives & USB devices

  • Back-up Solutions and Configuration

  • iPad & Tablet setup & basic help including Email setup

  • Sorry (We cannot repairs iPads, Tablets or Phones)

  • TV Equipment & Device configuration and training