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Your Business must have a  presence on the web. Everyone uses network connected devices to search the internet and connect to Businesses and Services  just like yours.

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Why Your Business Needs a well Designed Website.

On this page I hope to convince you that a well designed website is paramount to your Business.

Why It should be an important part of any Business Plan from day one,

and why you should start development as soon as possible.

Well Designed

A well designed easy to navigate and readable website is very important.

The site needs to be developed and themed for your individual business and workflow.

Their is no point in just having pretty pictures, the site needs strong SEO development and analytical structures.

The good news is we take care of this for You.



Sooner the Better

When you are planning your Business, start planning your website.

Websites are historical, the longer they exist the more people will be able to find them. It takes time to be indexed by search engines.

The sooner it is “live” the better. Even if it starts life as a simple information site this can be easily expanded and developed further while your are busy setting things up.

Social Sharing Myth

Your Website is your most valuable asset.

Social sharing such as Facebook Business pages, twitter and all the others are very valuable business tools, but have different user groups and not all potential clients use them.

Literally everyone with a network connection will be able to find and use your website, its that simple!


Design and Layout Matters

When a potential client visits your website the first few seconds are critical. Is it appealing? Is it easy on the eye?  Can they easily navigate and find what they’re looking for?

A successful website design needs to provide a positive experience, valuable readable content, and clear direction.

Let’s explore some of the most important elements of a well-designed website.

Straightforward design

A website must be clear and concise.

The most important information must be “above the fold”, visible to the user immediately upon loading.

With a variety of devices now being used, this has become even more difficult to achieve. 

Your website design and layout should consider all aspects of your business processes. 

Let visitors know as soon as they land on your page, using whatever device, what its all about.

Keep it simple but engaging with easy navigation and relevant up to date information. 

Responsive design

A website has to be able to respond to the device that it is being viewed on, both in terms of appearance and usage.

A single website should be able to load in different layout formats depending on the device that is loading it, with the content taken from the same consolidated source. (such as your website)

Web design trends

Keeping up with recent design trends is a MUST!

Your Web designer should have up to date knowledge on all aspects of design trends, delivering a modern, responsive, creative and managed result for your business website.

From desktops to mobile phones and tablets, all require up to date  web design development, keeping your business site competitive, and productive on the W.W.W

Layout / Structured Content

Structured content is well  laid out “chunks” of information, means content  is  separated into independent parts, making its behavior more predictable.

Because these parts are separate entities, they can be edited independently, and used in different contexts.

These “chunks” can include usefull Fields and tags for categorizing your content making it easier to reuse, organise and idex you site for easy navigation and future development.

This all adds up to a well laid out website, with well structured content.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO)

The process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of your website or web page to users of a web search engine.

You can have all the pretty pictures you want, but unless your web developer creates a well structured SEO design, your website will fail.

Analytics - Measured data

Organizations may apply analytics to business data to describe, predict, and improve business performance.

Measure your website preformance, gather data on who is visiting your site and how often.

Measure what devices visitors are using to view your site, including age groups, locations and many other useful data points.

Check Out our web page and expanded website demo’s

Please click the ” Web Demo’s” link below if you would like to browse further development and design ideas. We have put together a Web Resources page with plenty of demos and ideas to get you started.